Funeral costs and payments

How much does a funeral cost?

Funerals can be so unique and specific to the person that has passed – and this means that funeral costs can vary considerably based on what you decide to include.

To give you a rough guideline on what the costs could be, it was found by a recent survey that on average, a UK funeral can cost upwards of £3000.

Of all the UK funerals taking place, 77% are cremations – for which the average cost is £2,500. 23% are burials, which tend to be more expensive, with the average cost coming in over £3,000.

What are burial fees?

Generally, there are fees that you are required to pay for the following:

  • The purchase of a new grave
  • Opening or reopening a grave you already own
  • Removing and replacing existing memorials

What many people are unaware of is that in many areas, if you wish to put a memorial (such as a headstone) on a grave, you need to purchase something called the ‘exclusive right of burial’ which means there cannot be any further burials in the grave unless you give your permission.

No one likes hidden costs, so Maddock will always make sure you’re clear what the costs of the funeral will be right from the start.

Many have concerns about funeral costs in the further that their family will need to pay when they die. Maddock offer a range of award winning pre-paid funeral plans that mean you can stagger the payments to spread the cost. There is more information about our Plans here - or one of our dedicated team will be happy to talk through our Plans with you.

If you’d like someone to talk you through the fees and charges involved when you are planning a funeral, just call one of our team on 01925 261803 (24-hour manned line).